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Adam Quirk | Uncommon Jobs with Criminal Justice Degree

Adam Quirk knows it’s not uncommon for students to take up a criminal justice degree before they have even finalized their career path.While some who have chosen to study criminology already know they want to be police officers, detectives, lawyers, or forensic technicians, there are still those who are unsure about their decision. So for recent graduates looking for employment or those thinking of getting criminal justice degree, Adam Quirk, an FBI former employee shares not-so-obvious career paths.

Document Examiner: These professionals are typically consulted for fraud and forgery cases. Lawyers and judges seek their expertise in order to make determinations about evidence that they have analysed. In order to be a good document examiner, you must be meticulous and have an eye for details and inconsistencies that most people might miss.

Forensic Entomologist:If you enjoy science and are fascinated with studying insects, then you might find this job really interesting. Forensic entomologists help with criminal investigations by using insects found in decomposing remains to analyze crime scenes. According to Adam Quirk, FBI former employee, not only are these scientists helpful in cases of murder and death, but they are also consulted to trace chemicals, poisons, and drugs to help criminal investigations.

If you do decide to enter this field, you can either become an urban, stored-product, or medico-legal entomologist. The first one studies buildings and structures that are infested with insects and other living organisms. The second one focuses on consumer goods that are distributed to the public. When product recalls or lawsuits arise, stored-product entomologists are consulted to help analyze and study the products in question. Finally, medico-legal entomologists deal with criminal cases involving murder, death, physical and sexual abuse, and human trafficking.

Crime Victims Service Coordinator: Victims of a crime or loved ones of crime victims need all the help they can get, sometimes extending far beyond the immediate support they might receive from the government. They will need help with daily tasks and arrangements that need to be made because of the crime. This is where Crime Victims Service Coordinators come in. They are the victims’ advocate and they play an important role in the criminal justice system; they provide the help and support that most police officers or social workers are unable to give. Adam Quirk, an FBI former employee shares that it’s not uncommon for Crime Victims Service Coordinators to help represent children in court if or when their adult relatives are not present or are unable to support them in a legal environment.They can also help victims plan for safety; especially in domestic or other abuse-related cases.

Diplomatic Security Agent: If you’re at least 21 and no older than 37 years old, physically fit, and have an interest in diplomatic relations and working for the federal government, then this job might be perfect for you. Diplomatic security agents are trained to help ensure that the country’s diplomatic relations can be conducted as safely as possible. They are in charge of ensuring the security of U.S. missions and embassies, protecting high-level foreign diplomats, and are involved in every aspect of their safekeeping—from coming up with plans and strategies to help them conduct their business safely, to assisting with counterintelligence operations.

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