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Adam Quirk | Careers in Criminal Justice

Top 4 Careers You Can Start with a Criminal Justice Degree by Adam Quirk

Adam Quirk, former FBI special agent, also served for the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration as a diversion investigator from 2004 to 2008. In total, he has 15 years of experience in the criminal justice field. In 2015, he established his own private investigation company, Stealth Advise, LLC. What does this brief rundown of Adam’s career tell the reader? The criminal justice field offers plenty of career opportunities for anyone who holds a Criminal Justice degree, has taken courser or has been trained in a related field.

A career in criminology is as exciting as it’s hyped up to be in TV shows and films, at least for Adam Quirk. So if you’re thinking about getting a degree in criminology or criminal justice, here are a few career options that you can consider:

1. Police Officer

Whenever people learn that Adam Quirk, FBI, works in the criminal justice field, the very first thing they ask is; “Are you a police officer?” This has always been the job that immediately comes to mind whenever criminal justice is mentioned because police officers are at the forefront of the country’s criminal justice system. If you’re looking to start a career in law enforcement, a degree in criminal justice can get you in as a police officer.

2. Probation Officer

If you want to make an impact on someone’s life while working in the field of criminal justice, you might want to consider probation officer. Adam Quirk shares that basically, what a probation officer does is monitor the parolees assigned to them. They are responsible for ensuring that the parolee keeps their end of the bargain; follow the terms of their parole, in other words, once they have been released. In a way, the probation officer becomes the parolee’s social worker.

3. Forensic Science Technician

If tracking trails, investigating patterns and putting puzzle pieces together excite you, then a career in forensics might be for you. Adam Quirk, FBI, shares that the job of a forensic science technician is to study the nitty-gritty of a crime scene to reconstruct the event. Using such clues as a strand of hair, fingerprints, or even broken object, they piece these clues together to help solve the crime. If you have a naturally analytical mind, this is the job for you.

4. Fish and Game Warden

If you thrive in outdoor settings and you’d like nothing more than to be able to work in the criminal justice field and enjoy the outdoors at the same time, you should consider a career at national parks, nature reserves or public waterways as a fish and game warden, suggests Adam Quirk, FBI. If this is what you’re aiming for, you should take a course on biology as it will definitely work in your favor during the job application process.

On the other hand, if you’d rather have your own business and still work in the criminal justice field, you could consider putting up your own private investigation firm, with you as the senior private detective. Law enforcement agencies could hire you and you could also work for private clients.

What career would you choose?