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Adam Quirk | Career Advancement in Criminal Justice

For employees, career advancement is always the goal. The absence or lack of career growth is one the major reasons why employees leave their current jobs. It’s the same in any field, says Adam Quirk, criminal justice professional and founder of Stealth Advise, LLC. Career growth is more than just the salary increase; it’s about personal fulfillment, too.

If you work in the criminal justice field, Adam Quirk, FBI, shares his tips below on how to fast-track your career advancement. Check out the following tips:

1. BecomeĀ bi-literate

Being bilingual and bi-literate are two completely different things. When you’re bilingual, it means that you can speak and understand another language; a foreign language. But when you’re bi-literate, you not only understand and speak the foreign language; you can also proficiently read and write in it. This gives you an edge over others who only speak their natural language because you can be assigned cases that involve foreign subjects, says Adam Quirk, FBI.

2. Make sure you’re the right fit for the position you’re aiming for

You know where you want your career to go and you could even have a 5-year plan that includes a higher position or a job at a different field. Check the requirements for the position that you’re aiming for and make sure to fulfill those requirements while you’re still at your current job, suggests Adam Quirk, FBI. This could mean taking related courses, attending seminars or undergoing skills enhancement training. When the position opens, you can apply without hesitation because you know that you’ve got the background and requirements down pat.

3. Find a mentor

Regardless of how long you’ve been working at your current job, it would benefit your career if you could find a mentor; specifically, a mentor that can help you expand your knowledge about the various areas of your field. Learn from the experience of others and always be willing to be corrected, says Adam Quirk, FBI. Sometimes, just the fact that you’ve been trained and mentored by a well-respected figure is enough to get you an interview or if you’re lucky, get you the job that you want. Make sure though that you do your mentor proud and be the best you can be at the job.

4. Learn new skills

The field of criminal justice is wide and varied, and it requires different professionals for very specific jobs. Understand that criminal justice deals with sensitive areas and information most of the time and this is where you can make yourself an asset. Learn about forensics and computers, hone your investigative skills, and learn how to conduct interviews with witnesses or learn how to sniff trails. There are a lot of things that you can learn to help you become a valuable asset. In other words, bring something valuable to the table, says Adam Quirk, FBI.

While these tips could help you advance your career, Adam says that the best tip of all is this: be good at your job now. Look ahead but don’t forget to focus on the now, too.