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Adam Quirk | Best Minors for Criminology

This is a question still asked by a lot of criminology students: what minor should you get with this degree to land a good job? Adam Quirk, an FBI and DEA former employee, shares his thoughts on the matter. While he believes finding gainful employment and building a successful career in the industry is possible with any minor, some minors just seem like the perfect match to a major in criminology. He advises considering these fields of study:

Sociology – As criminology deals with crime and its prevention, a minor in sociology can help shed light on how society works, including its oppressive structures, and how these may lead to behaviors of crime. Sociology itself is an interesting subject to study shares Adam Quirk. The field is so vast that it’s hard to see how taking it up will be a waste of time. Students will walk away with a richer understanding of deviant behavior, poverty, crime, and war, among other things, and the key processes underlying them.

Law – Whether you have plans of becoming a lawyer or not, a minor in law will help provide a strong foundation for understanding crime and other criminology subjects. But essentially a minor in law gives students a good look of what pursuing law school will be like. Aside from covering the law, students will also gain a deeper understanding of its intersection with criminal justice and public policy, and how these affect societies and communities as a whole.

Foreign language – Taking up a foreign language may seem like a random choice but Adam Quirk explains that college is a time for learning, and a minor in a foreign language can give criminology students an advantage because so few people can speak a different language other than English. It’s not just a safety net, says Adam Quirk. If a criminology student has a real interest and a knack for picking up a new language, they can essentially become bilingual criminal justice professionals. The huge number of immigrants in the country makes this worth looking into.

Business – Believe it or not, the study of criminology suits business. For example, if you know enough about accounting to spot fraud as it arises, then you can set yourself up for success as a fraud investigator after you graduate. Adam Quirk shares that some criminology graduates have also found work in banks as analysts. Analysts are expected to be comfortable with numbers and criminology’s strong focus on research helps in that aspect.

Computer science – Computer science is a hot field of study right now that presents students various opportunities for career advancement later on. If you don’t know what minor to get and you can settle for any field, make it computer science says Adam Quirk. The FBI could always use more digital professionals, whether in forensics or cyber-security. It’s not that more businesses are online and they need protection but malicious people are getting more creative in their use of technology to sow disorder in society.

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