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Adam Quirk, FBI asks: Do you have a keen interest in criminal justice? Are your favorite shows CSI and Law and Order? Are you a natural problem-solver who’s always ready to help others? Have you ever considered a career in law enforcement or criminal justice? Adam Quirk, founder of Stealth Advise, LLC and a criminal justice professional with over 15 years of experience in the industry encourages you to pursue your dreams because as he puts it, “We need good guys to catch the bad guys and keep everyone safe.”

What is criminal justice?

In a nutshell, criminal justice is the system by which crimes are investigated, perpetrators are identified and nabbed, and then brought to court to “be punished accordingly.” In general, criminal justice comprises three areas: law enforcement, courts, and corrections, shares Adam Quirk, FBI. There are corresponding government agencies for each of these areas, and each of these areas require professionals who have undergone specialized training and completed the appropriate courses and/or college degree.

Careers that you can pursue with a criminal justice degree include police officer, forensic science technician, detective, probation officer, corrections officer, fish and game warden, and state trooper, among others.

If you have gained enough experience in the field of investigations, you may also consider putting up your private investigation practice, says Adam Quirk, FBI. No matter what area you want to pursue, a career in the criminal justice field will be anything but dull or boring. For Adam, it is as exciting as it is depicted in TV shows and movies.

There are opportunities for career growth in this field as well. But more than the salary and career advancement, it is bringing criminals to justice and helping survivors and families of victims achieve justice and gain a certain level of peace that Adam Quirk finds most rewarding.

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