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Adam Quirk, FBI, likes to stay on top of things when it comes to criminal justice. As a professional in the field with over 15 years of solid experience, he knows that being well-informed is a critical part of the job and as such, he likes to read up on news and updates regarding criminal justice, including specific government agencies like the FBI. His goal is to share valuable insights and information to the public in hopes of helping them not only advance in their career but more importantly, to find fulfillment in what they do: serving the public by keeping them safe and helping them find justice for crimes committed against them.

With that said, Adam Quirk will also be posting blog articles here about all things related and relevant to criminal justice. To give you a glimpse of what’s to come on this page, below is a summary of a recent blog that he’s written for the reader:

Career Advancement in Criminal Justice

Just as with any other career, advancement or growth is always the goal. In the criminal justice field, this could mean a police officer moving up the ranks. Adam Quirk, FBI advises that if you want to be considered for a higher or a new position, you should make yourself the appropriate candidate. You can do this by learning a foreign language and becoming bi-literate (proficient in speaking, reading, and writing) and/or finding a mentor.

Sometimes, when people learn that you’ve been mentored and trained by a respected authority in the industry, you instantly become a shoo-in for the job; or at least it gets your foot in the door, says Adam Quirk, FBI. As for being bi-literate, you could be assigned to cases that involve a foreign subject. Whenever a foreign subject is involved, you will always be the top-of-mind choice.

Stay tuned for more exciting posts!