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If you’re interested in law enforcement or you wish to pursue a career in the criminal justice or criminology field, Adam Quirk is here to help you jump-start your career! As a criminal justice professional and former FBI special agent, Adam has gained extensive knowledge, experience, and expertise from his years in the field, which makes him a good resource person for all things criminal justice.

This website aims to provide the reader with helpful information and insights on pursuing a career in the field of criminal justice. From college courses to professional training and everything in-between, Adam Quirk, FBI is your guy. Briefly, here’s what you can expect from this site:

  • AboutAdam Quirk, FBI is a renowned criminal justice professional who has been in the industry for more than 15 years. His areas of expertise include investigations, regulatory compliance, team leadership and supervision, program initiation and development, and collation-building. Learn more about him on this page.
  • Professional – Criminal justice comprises various government agencies whose goal is to identify and nab criminals and mete out the appropriate punishment. Learn more about criminal justice and get an in-depth look at Adam’s professional experiences on this page.
  • News – Adam will be sharing news and updates on criminal justice with a particular focus on practices and requirements to help the reader get ahead of the curve. Blogs about such topics written by Adam Quirk, FBI will be posted here.If your dream is to work in criminal justice or become a criminologist, you will find this site helpful and informative. As this site will be updated regularly, Adam Quirk invites you to bookmark this blog site to stay up-to-date with his latest posts. To get started, please feel free to visit the News page for his latest articles.Stay tuned for more!